The Complete Bikini Body Blueprint


TCBBB has helped 2000+ Women! Here's just some of the success stories...

Lauren, 25

"I first started The Complete Bikini Body Blueprint in January 2017. Although I wasn't 'overweight', I wasn't happy with my body and suffered with very low self esteem. I had always wanted a body I felt comfortable with but just didn't know how to achieve it. 

I had tried things in the past but they just didn't work as well as I had hoped.  

As soon as I read through the blueprint I felt so motivated to get started. Everything was so easy to follow and simply laid out. With in just a few weeks I felt incredible. I had lost some weight and toned up everywhere! I felt fitter and my daily energy levels were through the roof! I am so happy I decided to commit to a plan. It definately paid off!  

Lucy was fantastic, she was always there whenever I had any questions and offered plenty of practicle advice and tips that I continue to use today!"

Katie, 29

"Having two young children made it difficult to make the time to exercise, so the blueprint was perfect for me, it was so convenient. Each workout only took me 20-25minutes max!  

I had been struggling with my image after giving birth and my confidence was completely shot. 

I felt unhealthy, heavy and tired all the time and I knew I had to do something about it.  

I decided to give The Complete Bikini Body Blueprint a go after a friend had told me about it. From the second I received my Blueprint I felt I had taken a huge step foward, it had everything. The best part for me was that it gave me struture!  

I have totally transformed my body and I feel confident again. I also feel genuinley fit and healthy for the first time in my life."

Danielle, 34

"Through-out my whole life I had struggled with my self confidence and I was extremely unhappy with my body. Clothes didn't fit the way they should and I would cover certain areas of my body at any chance I got.  

I did try to change it myself, exercising a few times-a- week and trying to eat healthy (what I thought was healthy). But it didn’t really help me as much as I wanted and I saw little results.  

I finally decided to make a real change and try something new and something that had structure. I followed each workout 3 times-a-week and stuck to my Bikini meal plan as much as possible.  

There's no way I would've been able to achieve what I did without the help and support off Lucy. I think I emailed her every day! She was great though.  

I feel like a completely different person. Clothes actually fit how they should now and I receive compliments, something I had never had in my life which is nice!"


What is The Complete Bikini Body Blueprint?

In short, it's the ultimate guide containing everything you need to achieve your ideal body in an easy to follow way. Suitable for all devices to take with you anywhere! There's a workout plan, a meal plan, fat burning smoothie guide and full personalised support all included.

What fitness level is the blueprint for? 

The workouts in the blueprint are designed for all fitness levels, and all ages. Depending on your level, you are able to choose the time range you would like to use for the exercises. A suggested range based on level is made but you can customise the range according to your comfort level if you wish.

How long do the workouts take?

Each workout should take a maxium of 30 minutes to complete making it easier than ever to fit exercise into your busy day. 

Do I need a gym membership to follw the blueprint?

If you would like to work out in a gym, you absolutely can, but it is not required! You can work out at home, at the park, wherever you are most comfortable. There's no equipment needed at all!

What does the meal plan include?

Eating the right foods at the right times matters if you want to change your body. The meal plan is packed with healthy, tasty recipes in a sructured format, to make it easy for you to follow and know exactly what to eat.  

What's the support? 

The support offered is exactly that! Support for you whenever you need it. Did you know? You're 80% more likely to achieve your ideal body if you have support. You'll receive weekly personalised advice and tips to ensure you progress and you can get in touch whenever you like!



Hi! I'm Lucy. Over the past 8 years I have successfully helped thousands of women achieve the body, health and lifestyle they truly want, without spending hours exercising or guessing their way through— It really has never been easier! I'm committed to ensuring each person is given a level of service, support and guidance like no other. Your results matter most to me and helping you achieve your ideal body is priority. If you have any questions you can contact me below and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.